About our plain language resources

The best plain language resources from Australia and overseas – research, guidelines and practical advice.

The foundation has collected together some of the best plain language legal writing resources into one spot to make it easier for you to improve your writing and knowledge of plain writing generally.

Resources can be searched by keyword or filtered by activity type. The different activity groups have been listed below with a brief outline of the types of resources included.

In order to help you develop your knowledge, we have provided a range of well-respected resources rather than recommend particular guides. We have also taken care to include historical material.

Essential writing tools

These are the basic tools for being a good writer. They have been developed for people working in Australia, and include a recommended dictionary, style guide and legal citation guide.

Legal writing

Reference material focused specifically on legal writing. It includes publications on particular areas of legal writing, such as pleadings and community education, as well as general legal writing guides.

Non-legal writing

This section includes some of the best general writing reference resources

Standards and guidelines

This section has materials on nationally and internationally recognised writing standards and also includes some legislation. The jurisdiction is noted.

Research and journals

This is the largest section of resources. It has a wide range of resources, including some charting the historical development of plain language (particularly in Australia).


A list of national and international organisations promoting plain language. Many of these organisations' websites have excellent resources to further develop your plain language knowledge.

This page was last updated on October 14, 2014