Better Information Toolkit

Our Better Information Toolkit provides tips and tricks on how to develop effective community legal information

Victoria Law Foundation wants legal information to be easy to find, understand and use. This toolkit draws together resources to help you make your community legal information effective.

Clear communication

Online legal information


Clear communication

Better information handbook

Better information cover imageA practical guide to producing better information about the law

Do you publish community legal information? This comprehensive guide draws together principles of plain language and gives practical, step-by-step publishing advice. Learn the importance of knowing and writing for your audience, choosing the best format for your publication, and knowing if it is working.

This guide includes:

  • researching your audience
  • project management
  • plain language
  • format
  • design
  • distribution and marketing
  • evaluation

Download the Better information handbook

Quick reference

Project plan builder – designed to help you plan your projects and to keep on track throughout the production process.

Plan your evaluation – tips and tricks to help you evaluate your project.

Plain language and good communication

Plain language booklet cover imageHow to make your writing work

This plain language guide provides the fundamental tools to improve your writing and communication. It covers

  • writing for your audience
  • organising your information
  • language
  • design
  • simple word alternatives to common legalese

Download the Plain language and good communication guide

Legal Glossary

Legal glossary cover imageExplain complicated legal terms in plain language

Our legal glossary explains more than 450 legal terms in plain language. It was developed for lawyers to use to help clients understand legal terms.

Legal organisations are also welcome to republish it on websites and in publications. We just ask that you include the following attribution: Developed by Victoria Law Foundation.

Download the Legal Glossary

US Federal Plain Language GuidelinesUS Federal Plain Language Guidelines

The US Federal Plain Language Guidelines provide advice on clear communication, including writing for documents and writing for the web. It was developed by The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN), a community of federal employees dedicated to the idea that citizens deserve clear communications from government.

Online legal information

VLAF Online Legal Information Guidelines

VLAF guidelines imageThese guidelines aim to raise the standard of online community legal information by providing guidance on how to produce and maintain high-quality community legal information that makes the best use of resources. They are suitable for use by organisations of any size.

These guidelines have been developed by the Victorian Legal Assistance Forum (VLAF) Online Legal Information Working Group.

Click here for the VLAF Online Legal Information Guidelines

We have also developed a list of resources to help you implement these guidelines.


Legal information in languages other than EnglishLegal information in languages other than English

This paper discusses common issues with legal information in languages other than English and provides recommendations of what to consider when developing resources for culturally and linguistically diverse diverse communities.

Download our paper on developing legal information in languages other than English

This page was last updated on May 25, 2017