How to produce effective legal information – Tip #1

Better Information Tips

Tip #1: Conduct research before undertaking a new project

Before developing a new online legal resource, make sure you check that there is a need for it and be clear why you’re making it. Is the development of your resource supported by research that outlines a particular legal need in the audience that you are targeting?

Follow these simple steps to avoid duplication:

  • Check with organisations similar to yours to see if they have produced a resource on your chosen legal issue. If they have produced a resource on this issue, then you can link to their existing resource, or perhaps use their resource as a starting point if there is an identified need for updating;
  • Check legal information databases such as the CLEAR database and Everyday-Law to see what is currently available;
  • Call the Victoria Law Foundation (or a similar body) and speak with the Grants Manager to discuss whether your project is eligible for funding, and find out about other related projects. It is important that resources are developed to fill the gaps in legal information, rather than to duplicate what is already available.
  • Do you know of an organisation that has produced a similar resource in a different jurisdiction? Don’t reinvent the wheel – some of the content might need to be changed, but you may be able to use that resource as a starting point.

See the Better Information section of our website for the full list of guidelines and resources available to help you implement them.

This page was last updated on June 06, 2017