How to produce effective legal information - Tip #12

One of the main reasons for duplication of legal information is lack of awareness of available resources. Raising awareness of a new legal resource is key to avoiding duplication. This includes both completed projects and those in development. Using these steps not only improves the effectiveness of your resource, but it also reduces the chance of duplication.

There are a number of ways that you can raise awareness of your resource, these include:

  • Cross-referencing material on websites;
  • Promoting the resource through social media and newsletters (including third party newsletters);
  • Listing your legal resource on information gathering websites;
  • Using tools such as metadata and keywords to increase search engine optimisation (SEO);
  • If it is a video legal resource, hosting it on a YouTube channel or similar;
  • Making use of marketing and participation in information-sharing forums, such as those run by VLAF and the Foundation.

See the Better Information section of our website for the full list of guidelines and resources available to help you implement them

This page was last updated on August 28, 2018