How to produce effective legal information – Tip #4

Better Information tips

Tip #4: Ensure that information is accurate

It may seem obvious, but it is vital that both legal and non-legal information contained in online community legal information is accurate.

One way of ensuring the information you are providing is accurate is to develop a reference group made up of relevant experts. Reference groups should be used in the development of legal content to not only ensure accuracy, but also to make sure that an appropriate scope of material is covered.

Additionally, all content should be checked for accuracy by qualified individuals. For example, if you are producing online legal information, you should make sure the content has been reviewed by a lawyer. This principle also applies for non-legal information, eg. if you are including information about a particular organisation in your resource, make sure you get that particular organisation to review the information before you publish your resource.

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This page was last updated on June 06, 2017