How to produce effective legal information - Tip #8

better information

If you host your legal resources on your website, you should also provide links to related material produced by other legal organisations. This will help your reader get a more thorough understanding of the topic. Providing access to external material from your website not only reduces the risk of duplication, but it also ensures that the reader has access to a wide range of information that they may need. For example, if someone is searching for legal information about getting a divorce, it may be useful to provide a link to legal information about parenting arrangements or property settlement.

If you plan on linking to primary sources, such as case law and legislation, you should provide information about researching legal information, in order to assist your reader to understand the context that the information can be used in. When citing these sources, use standard legal citation. The Australian Guide to Legal Citation is a great tool for citing material.

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This page was last updated on June 06, 2017