Providing access to the best legal information for the community in one place.

Everyday-Law is an award-winning website developed by Victoria Law Foundation to provide easy-to-understand legal information for the community in one place. Easy to navigate, friendly in tone and distinctive in design, the site makes dealing with common legal issues simpler. Developed in consultation with our audience, it is informed by best practice principles and a passion for helping the community understand their legal rights and take action.

Everyday-Law for the legal sector

Everyday-Law can also be used as a tool for the legal sector.

Easy-to-understand legal information for your clients

Everyday-Law houses over 1500 plain language resources produced by over 150 organisations. They cover common legal topics, where to find legal advice and how the legal system works. The best resources have been selected for the site's Have a legal question section. Refer your clients to the site to find legal answers or to find resources to give them.

Discover what other people are producing

If you are developing new resources for the community it is a good idea to search Everyday-Law to find out what already exists. This will help you avoid duplication, as suggested in the VLAF online legal information guidelines.

Link to Everyday-Law

We encourage you to link to the Everyday-Law homepage or deep-link from your website into specific pages of Everyday-Law. This will help your clients find information and services that you do not provide on your website. www.everyday-law.org.au

Keep us up-to-date with your resources

If your organisation has produced new plain language resources for the community, or has updated existing ones that are housed on Everyday-Law, let us know by phone on (03) 9604 8100 or contact us by email. We welcome your feedback about the site.

The home of Law Week

Everyday-Law is the home of Law Week. Visit Everyday-Law to find out about hosting an event and getting involved.

This page was last updated on May 26, 2017