General Grants

Our General Grants fund projects that have a significant impact on the lives of Victorians and the way they understand and use the law.

The 2018/19 grants were the last to be awarded under our General Grants program. For more information about our new grant structure see our Grants page.

About the General Grants Program

In 2018/19, General Grants support projects that improve community understanding of the justice system, particularly civil legal issues.

Guiding principles

Priority will be given to applications that can demonstrate the following:


Evidence of legal need and a good case that this response is likely to make a difference.


Projects that have potential to reach significant audiences – this could be a broad audience or a project that responds to a current issue or need for a specific group of Victorians.


Partnerships and collaborations between legal agencies and/or between legal and community sector organisations.


Projects that respond to legal need by offering new approaches or will apply proven strategies in a legal setting.

The types of projects likely to be funded include:

  • one-off projects – to address a legal issue which is likely to make a difference for a specific audience, for example, a legal resource – video, factsheet
  • pilot projects – offering new approaches or to trial a strategy and gain further insights, for example, the delivery of legal information in a new format that could be duplicated in other services

Our General Grants are for projects with budgets over $5,000 (excl. GST). While there is no upper limit to the request for funding, we expect to make grants for projects with budgets around $50,000.

The General Grant program is now closed and our General Grants recipients for 2018/19 have been announced.

This page was last updated on December 14, 2018