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Have a dispute with your neighbour? Here are organisations in Victoria that can help.

Mediation and complaint services

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Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria
The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria is a free, confidential mediation service that has offices throughout the state. Dispute assessment officers can give you ideas about how to raise issues with neighbours and settle disputes.
1300 372 888

Local Government Victoria
If you do not know which local council to speak to about a problem with a neighbour, Local Government Victoria can help you find out. Find your local council.
1300 366 356

Legal help

Victoria Legal Aid
Victoria Legal Aid provides free legal information, education and advice for all Victorians, focusing on people with low incomes and those experiencing disadvantage. Their Legal Help phone line is a good place to start to find out how to deal with your legal problem. You can speak to someone in English or in your own language.
Legal Help phone line 1300 792 387

Community legal centres
Community legal centres provide legal information, initial advice and, in some cases, ongoing help. The can direct you to your local community legal centre or one that specialises in your type of problem.
(03) 9652 1500

Law Institute of Victoria
Hiring a private lawyer can be the best option in some circumstances. The Law Institute of Victoria can help you find a private lawyer. Use their Find Your Lawyer Referral Service to help find a lawyer that best suits your needs. All lawyers on this service give a free, 30-minute inquiry interview.
(03) 9607 9550

Everyday-Law is a free, legal information website produced by Victoria Law Foundation. It has easy-to-understand resources on common legal topics and an online directory of free or low-cost legal services. Go to Everyday-Law to get the legal information and help you need.

Translation service

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)
131 450

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