Grants criteria

In order to be successful, a grant application must meet our grants criteria.

Both Small Grant and General Grant applications are assessed against the foundation's grants criteria.

In 2017/18, our priority is for projects that help Victorians understand the law. We will also offer a separate small grant program for Law Week 2018 events.

Grants can only be made to organisations.

Grants guiding principles

The foundation can only fund projects that fall within it's statutory functions, which are contained in section 5 of the Victoria Law Foundation Act 2009 (Vic).

Projects that demonstrate the following will generally be given priority:

  • Innovation and practicality – ideas that translate into sustainable, practical solutions
  • Partnerships and collaborations – which build expertise and learning
  • Multi-purpose – to realise a number of the foundation’s statutory functions
  • Fostering networks – within and between the legal sector and the community
  • Significant impact – measured either by the size of the audience or by the depth of impact for a small target group
  • Efficient use of resources – doing ‘more with less’
  • Accountability and evaluation – of processes and outcomes
  • Balancing short- and long-term outcomes – necessary one-off, moment-in-time projects coupled with projects that can make a lasting contribution
  • Leadership in public benefit best practice
  • The ‘but for’ test – essential work which, ‘but for’ the foundation, cannot, or would not, be undertaken.

Generally we do not fund:

  • Academic study/research to obtain a degree or diploma
  • Interstate, national or international projects that do not benefit the people of Victoria. Part of a project may be funded if a component primarily benefits Victorians.
  • Government organisations (with the exception of independent statutory bodies) will generally not be funded by the foundation
  • Capital expenditure or core funding – for costs and overheads related to the ongoing activities of an organisation
  • Travel costs – both interstate and overseas, unless there is a clear and direct benefit to the Victorian community
  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops or theatre productions (the foundation will consider funding these items in some circumstances from the Small Grants fund)
  • Profit-making projects – however, we may fund a repayable subsidy, which requires repayments to be made to offset the cost of the original grant
  • Retrospective grants – to cover spending incurred before a decision on an application
  • Litigation of any kind
  • Projects that primarily support political activity and lobbying
  • Grant applications previously deemed unsuccessful by the foundation.
This page was last updated on November 13, 2017