Bridging the divide: advocacy–health alliance training for health professionals

General Grant
$26,000 (exc GST)
Grant number: 

About the project

This grant funded the training of medical practitioners to identify and refer people who need legal help to an appropriate legal service.

The Advocacy and Rights Centre will build and deliver a curriculum for medical practitioners to enable them to identify and refer patients with legal issues. This is part of a broader pilot, funded by Clayton Utz, which will fund a position at a health service in Bendigo.

One of the core aims of medical–legal partnerships is to provide legal assistance in the healthcare setting, where legal practitioners work in conjunction with health practitioners in the healthcare team to address legal issues that are a barrier to the patient’s health.

Outcome of the project

The project took a highly practical approach and through in-depth consultation with partner organisation Bendigo Community Health Service (BCHS), developed a range of materials that were provided to participants – including fact sheets, case-studies/scenarios, screening tools and brochures. This curriculum pack will provide a critical resource for the ongoing success of the advocacy-health alliance service in Bendigo and can be utilised in a range of other settings where the Centre is actively pursuing opportunities to deliver professional education in a health context.

Staff of BCHS who participated in the training were the primary beneficiaries of the project, and the participant survey results clearly indicated the value placed on the education provided. In turn, clients of BCHS should benefit from the training provided so that workers can identify and respond to clients with legal problems.

This page was last updated on February 09, 2016