Discrimination Law Clinic

General Grant
$78,088 (exc GST)
Grant number: 

About the project

This project was funded to create a new state-wide Discrimination Law Clinic to help the legal and community sector to identify and address all types of discrimination, including age, race, religion, gender and disability discrimination.

The objectives of the Discrimination Law Clinic were to:

  • provide community legal education and professional development;
  • develop and promote a night legal advice service using volunteer lawyers;
  • provide legal assistance and casework as required;
  • develop outreach clinics.

Outcome of the project

The Disability Discrimination Legal Service was ambitious in carrying out the number of responsibilities required to run the clinic and encountered both positive outcomes and challenges.


At least thirteen legal education sessions were conducted for community groups, and the night legal advice service provided advice to over two hundred clients which resulted in casework for 44 clients. Clients reported that they were able to tell their story and identify different pathways to resolve their issues.

Legal profession

Twelve professional development sessions were presented to the legal sector across a number of Victorian community legal centres. The sessions provided information about evaluating a complaint in reference to discrimination legislation and how to make effective referrals.

While the organisation encountered some difficulties throughout the project, particularly in providing legal education to community organisations and setting up of outreach services, they were able assist hundreds of clients with discrimination advice; examine the strengths and weaknesses of services for the Victorian community in the area of general discrimination; and to educate their own staff in general discrimination legislation to continue to benefit clients.

This page was last updated on February 09, 2016