Educating ethnic communities on elder abuse and its prevention – an audiovisual resource

General Grant
$60,000 (exc GST)

About the project

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria partnered with Seniors Rights Victoria and created a audio-visual resource on elder abuse aimed at empowering older people by highlighting inappropriate behaviour through the use of narratives. The DVD showcases six distinct four-minute scenarios in the languages of six ethnic communities (Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Turkish). The resource is used by the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and Seniors Rights Victoria for their community legal education.

Outcome of the project

This project benefits seniors from six ethnic communities by providing access to culturally recognisable information about elder abuse and awareness of pathways to support. This audiovisual educational tool was designed to help people with little or no English skills or low literacy.

The final product is a seventeen-minute film that depicts four stories and an information clip containing key messages. Each story has cultural nuances embedded, increasing identification with, and understanding of, this hidden issue by all CALD communities.

The film can be watched in its entirety, or individual stories can be selected and played. Each option is available in eight languages, and menus are also translated to assist with navigation.

‘The film has had a big impact so far, and is creating a ground swell of interest in the topic across the communities we have been working with as well as in the wider community.’ – Fiona York, Seniors Project Officer

This page was last updated on February 09, 2016