Espresso Legal

General Grant
$50,000 (exc GST)

A coffee van staffed by a barista, a team of lawyers and community information volunteers will visit new developments and isolated communities in the urban rural fringes of the City of Whittlesea where there are very few community services. The project will be delivered by Whittlesea Community Connections, which has a long history of providing services to the local community and has found that people living in growth corridors often have limited understanding of their rights or when and how to access information and support for legal issues. Many speak languages other than English, may experience financial hardship, family violence or spend a significant amount of time commuting; and they have limited access to public transport, social opportunities and services. The Espresso Legal coffee van service will help to close this gap and take legal services to the local community.

This page was last updated on December 12, 2017