Even girls play footy

General Grant
$24,182 (exc GST)
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About the project

A grant was awarded to fund a documentary about three girls who took Football Victoria to VCAT.

Penny Cula-Reid has an extraordinary talent – she can run, mark, pass and kick a football as well as any boy, but when she turned 14, on the brink of reaching her 150th game, she was banned from ever again playing with her all-male team. When she and two other girls, Helen Taylor and Emily Stanyer, appeal to the anti-discrimination tribunal in a high-profile, groundbreaking legal case, she is thrust into the media spotlight, and embarks on a fight with the establishment to pursue a passion that goes against the grain.

Outcome of the project

Endangered Pictures produced a 30-minute documentary, Even girls play footy, which follows the story of three girls who took Football Victoria to VCAT after being told they could no longer play on their football teams because of their gender. As a result, the minimum age limit for girls playing AFL football was increased from 12 to 14.

The DVD is used as a community education tool, particularly for schools, with the aim of demystifying court processes and increasing awareness of legal rights and responsibilities and other issues relating to gender discrimination.

The foundation also funded the launch and the development of a study guide for the film.

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