Forced marriage awareness app

General Grant
$27,442 (exc GST)
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This project will provide information on forced marriage for young people in the form of an app or mobile-friendly website. The resource will be free and easy to use providing information about forced marriage, rights and protections under Australian law, links to organisations and emergency helplines.

Expected outcomes for the app include:

  • easier access for young people who are at risk of, or in a forced marriage, to suitable advice and to agencies who can assist them
  • increased awareness among victims and potential victims that forced marriage is an offence in Australia and that help is available
  • increased awareness about the offence and occurrence of forced marriage amongst interested and relevant groups likely to be in contact with victims.

Long term the organisation hopes to achieve a lower incidence of forced marriage in Victoria and for Victorian citizens abroad, increased likelihood of victims and potential victims seeking and receiving suitable assistance, and increased understanding of forced marriage and the relevant laws in Australia, including improved data on help seeking.

This page was last updated on June 01, 2015