Human rights are Aussie rules: digital community legal education

General Grant
$20,000 (exc GST)
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About the project

Eastern Community Legal Centre received funding to develop and produce a digital legal education game for primary students. The online game, addresses the need for young people to be educated about human rights.

Outcome of the project

Costume Clash is a game about choice. Players get three chances to move through the levels, but along the way they are confronted by people who won’t let them past unless they change something about themselves. Players can then choose to change or to try and find another way through by seeing if someone else doesn’t mind what they are wearing, or by being persistent. Players are racing against the clock, so their decisions impact on their overall time.

At the end of the game they get to see how well they timed and how many costume changes they needed to make. This choice, and the changes, are the key point from which to discuss ideas around freedom, choice and difference.

Eastern Community Legal Centre developed a digital game exploring the concept of freedom that could be used in lower primary school classrooms (Grade 3–4) as a starting point for facilitated conversations about human rights and human rights values. Teacher resources accompany this game, with suggested questions for discussion as well as extension activities and curriculum alignment.

Freedom is one of the four human rights 'goal posts' of the Human Rights are Aussie Rules program. The program uses the mascot FRED, representing the four key human rights rules of Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity.

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