Human rights in three minutes

General Grant
$18,250 (exc GST)
Grant number: 

What are Human Rights?

About the project

This grant was awarded to fund a series of three-minute videos explaining which human rights are protected by Victorian law.

Outcome of the project

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law produced short online videos explaining human rights laws in a relevant and engaging way.

The project covers a variety of the internationally recognised human rights by asking simple questions about those rights ('Is there a human right to same-sex marriage?', 'Do I have a right not to be evicted from my home?') as well as ancillary issues ('How are human rights protected in Victoria?'). During the first year of the project, the centre will produce 20 videos, all of which will focus on rights protected by the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic).

It has been expanded to include a number of additional videos:

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