Culpable driving courtroom drama

General Grant
$20,000 (exc GST)
Grant number: 

About the project

Funding for this project allowed for the redevelopment of the National Trust’s popular culpable driving education program. The program engages students with the case of a young man charged with culpable driving in the County Court.

It introduces students to legal procedures and encourages them to think about argument, motives, ethics and social values. Participants in the program undertake roles based on the actual trial, in a real court, under real court conditions. Video complements the role-play using moving scenes to engage the audience.

Outcome of the project

The updated program is now being delivered in Melbourne at the Old Melbourne Gaol, and across Victoria at courts in Sale, Bairnsdale, Morwell and Traralgon in partnership with the Gippsland Community Legal Centre.

In 2016, the National Trust's culpable driving courtroom drama was highly commended in the Museums & Galleries National Awards.

More information about the courtroom drama and bookings is available here.

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