Legal information to improve the safety of street-based sex workers

General Grant
$20,144 (exc GST)
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About the project

In 2011, St Kilda Legal Service undertook an investigation into the most effective methods for delivering legal information to street sex workers (funded by a Small Grant from the foundation). Feedback from focus-group testing of street sex workers was that they needed basic information on legal rights that was simple and quick to read, plus small and compact.

St Kilda Legal Service also found that the publication providing the most useful and relevant information, and most widely read by street sex workers, was Ugly Mugs. This publication is produced and distributed by Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry when new reports of incidents relating to the safety of street-based sex workers are made.

Outcome of the project

The project aims to improve the safety of street-based sex workers through the provision of legal information. A series of ten articles containing legal information related to rights and safety will be published within the Ugly Mugs booklet.

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