The legal rights of victim/survivors and offenders in a pilot restorative justice intervention for sexual assault

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About the project

This project was part of a larger restorative justice project seeking to create an opportunity for survivor-victims and those who have caused harm to be brought together.

This part of the research project examined how rights may be affected, and how best to protect rights, when victims and offenders are brought together in this way.

By conducting a literature review and a series of interviews with experts in the field, the project explored the following:

  • the legal rights of all persons involved in sexual-violence situations;
  • what agreements should be entered into prior to the restorative justice process, and the weight they hold if challenged;
  • the obligations of the facilitator should they come across potential legal offences during the restorative justice process;
  • the legalities behind agreements in the restorative justice process and the legal ramifications for failure to abide by them.

Outcome of the project

A preliminary literature review was conducted to determine resources and perspectives on information to be provided to participants in the restorative justice pilot.This highlighted that there is currently no restorative justice process that sits completely outside of the criminal justice system.

The second process was to interview a number of professionals about risks involved with participating in the project and to gather information about what information should be provided to participants of the restorative justice process.

Two brochures were produced as part of the project, one for the victim and one for the offender, about their role in the restorative justice process.

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