A legal toolkit for parents of transgender children and adolescents

General Grant
$14,609 (exc GST)
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This project will publish a legal toolkit for parents of transgender children and adolescents. The purpose of the toolkit is to guide families through the mandatory Family Court process required to obtain medical treatment.

The toolkit will be developed in consultation with an expert reference group made up of representatives from the Gender Dysphoria Service at the Royal Children’s Hospital, parent support group Transcend, TransGender Victoria, trans youth organisation YGender, the Human Rights Law Centre, and the legal profession. To ensure that the toolkit is responsive to the needs of the audience, the applicant will convene focus groups with parents of transgender children as well as youth undergoing treatment for gender dysphoria. Interviews will also be conducted with doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital in order for the applicant to understand the process from a variety of perspectives.

The toolkit will be available in hard copy and given to all parents attending the Gender Dysphoria Service, as well as those in contact with Transcend. The toolkit will also be available online through the websites of key queer and transgender organisations, TransGender Victoria, Transcend, Minus18 and Ygender.

This page was last updated on June 01, 2015