Matter of trust - prevention of financial elder abuse in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

General Grant
$33,080 (exc GST)
Grant number: 

Building on their existing Matter of trust program, Eastern Community Legal Centre propose to expand and extend their work.

The project aims to:

  • conduct stakeholder consultations to understand the cultural practices that allow financial abuse to occur
  • produce written resources to educate communities on financial elder abuse
  • conduct community education sessions with the dual purpose of educating the community and testing resources to ensure they are culturally appropriate and relevant
  • distribute resources throughout culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The project will target Chinese, Greek and Indian communities, as these groups are more established and likely to have assets.

It is anticipated that the project will increase the audience’s knowledge of their rights and obligations when acting as a guarantor to family members. It will also increase their awareness of legal and community organisations available to assist with informed decisions, and provide help in situations of loan default, coercion or threat. Key leaders will also be equipped with knowledge to raise awareness within their communities.

This page was last updated on May 26, 2017