Publication costs of Mabo in the courts: Islander tradition to native title: a memoir

Small Grant
$5,000 (exc GST)

This grant funded the editing and indexing costs associated with publishing the manuscript written by Bryan Keon-Cohen QC on the Mabo case.

Bryan Keon-Cohen was junior counsel for the plaintiffs throughout the Mabo litigation (1982–1992). The funding was used to publish his PhD thesis entitled 'Mabo in the courts: from Islander tradition to native title: a memoir'.

The thesis is an insider's account, written for the non-lawyer, of his experiences representing the plaintiffs. He recounts Eddie Mabo's motivations, the role of Murray Islander culture, setbacks during the trial, difficulties with Bjelke-Petersen's Government, Mabo's premature death, final success in the High Court, and the case's legacy.

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