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General Grant
$32,562 (exc GST)
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About the project

Youthlaw were funded to conduct legal education sessions over twelve months to vulnerable and marginalised young people in inner Melbourne, outer urban and rural Victoria.

The project aimed to educate young people, but also to conduct a legal needs assessment where Youthlaw would evaluate and research the best methods of providing legal information to young people. This was to include testing various resources, including Youthlaw’s new mobile app and videos.

This project focused on benefitting vulnerable and marginalised young people across Victoria directly through participation in legal education sessions and the development of resources, and indirectly via local council youth workers, community workers, teachers and specialist professionals involved in the legal education sessions.

Outcome of the project

Youthlaw delivered over forty community legal education sessions to young people across Victoria. A number of Youthlaw resources were tested and feedback from young people was sought on how the organisation can deliver legal services and community legal education more effectively.

This page was last updated on February 01, 2017