Research addressing the structural and ethical challenges of conflicts of interest in rural and regional legal practice

General Grant
$47,721 (exc GST)
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About the project

This grant funded the commissioning of a study into issues surrounding conflicts of interest in rural and regional areas.

The project builds on previous work supported by the foundation. In particular, this project seeks to act on the findings of the report Postcode justice: rural and regional disadvantage in the administration of the law in Victoria, which was published in 2011. This report found that conflict of interest was a significant problem for people in rural and regional areas, which ultimately limited their access to justice.

This project investigated conflicts of interest, particularly when a lawyer is acting for two parties with competing interests and when a lawyer is acting against past clients.

Outcome of the project

The findings were published in a report that offered practical recommendations to enable rural and regional lawyers to better manage this issue. Deakin University worked closely with the Law Institute of Victoria, liaising directly with lawyers in a bid to put into practice any recommendations.

Read the report.

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