Separation and settlement options for women: information booklets

General Grant
$12,117 (exc GST)
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This project will publish two information booklets – Separation and property, and Separation: deciding to leave a relationship. The booklets will utilise existing information from three publications produced by the organisation in 2011 and also include some new content.

Separation and property will include information on property entitlements, legal mechanisms and processes, as well as a checklist of important documents and referral details. Separation: deciding to leave a relationship will provide information on the process of separation and advice on relevant considerations. It will also include information on parenting and the effects of separation on children. The project will take a holistic approach, providing important legal information and referral details, as well as emotional support within a gendered framework.

The project will target Victorian women who are considering separating or are in the process of separating. The booklets will be particularly useful for women who cannot afford legal advice or who want basic legal information prior to obtaining legal advice. They will also benefit workers and volunteers in community health, legal and other support services that support women who are considering separating or have recently separated.

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