Sexual assault, the law, your rights as a victim

Small Grant
$1,930 (exc GST)

The Sexual assault, the law, your rights as a victim booklet was written to help victims understand their legal rights after sexual assault.

Two focus groups were conducted with people who had used the booklet and had some experience of sexual assault. Participants were asked about their experiences using the booklet, followed by a discussion about what they found particularly helpful and what they would like to see added, based on their own experience and on other material or information they had found or accessed.

During the session, other booklets targeted at similar audiences were discussed by participants in terms of the layout, design and content they would like included in the booklet.


All focus group participants stated that there was a need for such a booklet and that it should be updated, with content presented in a more user-friendly manner and simplified language.

The participants said it should be more widely distributed, and were disappointed it was not given to them when they sought support for sexual abuse. Many of them were unaware of its existence until they were asked to participate in the focus group. Participants said it would have been useful to give to a family member or other person who was going to support them in court.

Grant no.: S14-018

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