Understanding your rights: grandparents and the family law system

General Grant
$46,260 (exc GST)
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About the project

A grant was awarded to fund a project to increase awareness and understanding of grandparents' rights following parental separation in the Greek community.

With this grant the Moreland Community Legal Centre partnered with the Australian Greek Welfare Society with an aim to raise awareness and promote confidence among older Greek people when issues arise concerning the welfare of their grandchildren. As part of this project, they spoke to more than three hundred grandparents at three community legal information sessions to understand the issues they faced.

Outcome of the project

Six factsheets were produced, in Greek and English, covering issues such as family dispute resolution, family violence, child protection and financial support for grandparents. A key part of the project was to promote children’s welfare and the role of grandparents in relation to the welfare and development of children.

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