Land use and building

Find out what to do with issues about what a neighbour does on their property, including building.

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Disputes between neighbours sometimes happen because of what a neighbour does on their property, including building or renovations.

For example, your neighbour might be repairing a fibreglass boat in their backyard, giving off harmful fumes, or putting up a new shed that will block out the natural light in your kitchen.

What local councils can do

To regulate land use, local councils sometimes require planning permits for residential or business developments.

Business permits to run certain businesses are also sometimes required by councils or other organisations.

If your neighbour is using their residential property for business purposes, and it is causing a nuisance to you, you may want to check with your local council whether any permits apply to that activity.

Want more information?

Local council websites contain useful information on planning and business permits and about local laws regarding land use and buildings.

If your problem is about noise find out about noise laws on the Victoria Law Foundation publication

If your problem is is about other types of nuisance other than noise, find out about nuisance laws, including pollution.

You can also find information on planning and development laws on our Everyday-Law website.

This page relates to laws in Victoria, Australia. Accurate at March 2015.

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