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Here are some organisations that help bike riders with road rules, fines, bike safety and insurance.

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Cycling organisations

Amy Gillett Foundation

A national organisation dedicated to bike rider safety. Leads multiple initiatives directly to the public to improve safety, funded through donations, charity rides, corporate sponsorship and assistance. Runs the award-winning Cycle Safe Communities program, which provides the community, councils and organisations access to bike rider safety campaign resources.

(03) 8506 0675

Bicycle Network

An independent organisation that encourages Australians to make riding a bike part of everyday life. Membership comes with insurance cover and bike rider support. It provides information about choosing and maintaining your bike, riding to work and school, safety tips and parking your bike at train stations and public transport hubs. It also publishes the Ride on magazine.

1800 639 634 (free call) or (03) 8376 8888

Cycling Victoria

The peak body in Victoria for racing and recreational cycling. Membership comes with insurance for recreational cyclists. Provides expert information about how to ride safely and responsibly in a group.

(03) 8480 3000

Melbourne Bicycle User Group (BUG)

An organisation that campaigns for better conditions for bike riders. There are also BUG groups in many other municipalities across Victoria. To find out if there is a BUG in your area, visit Bicycle Network’s website.

The Bike Shed

An organisation that runs a bike shed where you can learn how to repair and maintain your bike.

Road rules and safety


Manages Victoria’s roads and provides information about road rules and safety for bike riders.

13 11 71


Civic Compliance Victoria

Provides information about your rights and responsibilities with traffic, parking, public transport and local council fines.

(03) 9200 8111 (metro)

1300 369 819 (regional)

TAC claims

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) pays for treatment and benefits to eligible people who have been injured in a transport accident, including some bike crashes.

1300 654 329 (local call) or

1800 332 556 (toll-free outside Melbourne metro area)

Legal help


Everyday-Law is a free, legal information website produced by Victoria Law Foundation. It has easy-to-understand information on common legal topics and a directory of free or low-cost legal services. Go to Everyday-Law to get answers to your legal questions.

Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid’s Legal Help phone service is a good place to start to find out how to deal with a legal problem. You can speak to someone in English or in your own language.

1300 792 387

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)
13 14 50

Community legal centres

Community legal centres provide legal information, initial advice and sometimes ongoing help. The Federation of Community Legal Centres can direct you to your local centre.

(03) 9652 1500

Law Institute of Victoria

Hiring a private lawyer can be the best option in some circumstances. Use the Law Institute of Victoria’s Find Your Lawyer Referral Service to help find a lawyer that best suits your needs. All lawyers on this service give a free 30-minute inquiry interview.

(03) 9607 9550 (referral service)

This page was last updated on May 26, 2017