Four tips for hosting a great Law Week event

Hosting events can be a real challenge. People are always pressed for time and receive lots of invitations – so how do you make your event stand out? Our Events Manager, Lorin Clarke, wrote a blog about how to host a great Law Week event.

Here at the foundation we host and present a number of stakeholder events throughout the year, including: plain language training, Legal Sector Publishing Forums, the Legal Reporting Awards and the Legal Laneway Breakfast. While each event targets different groups of stakeholders, our approach to planning each event is the same.

Here’s four tips to help make your next event a success:

Be clear about why you’re hosting the event and what you’re trying to achieve

Are you trying to increase your client list, strengthen existing relationships with key stakeholders or thank stakeholders for their support throughout the year? Whatever the reason, it will influence the format and design of your event, so be clear from the start about your objectives.

Choose a suitable venue

Are you hosting an information session or a networking breakfast? Whatever the event, creating a space that’s easy to get to, and where your guests feel comfortable, is really important. A wise woman once told me to ‘forget the heels and remember the toilets’. Imagine being at an event and queueing for the facilities, only to find them dirty or unserviced – that’s what you’ll remember, not that the hostess was wearing a great pair of stilettos. Well, you might remember the stilettos too, but the point is to make sure your venue is in a good location and has the required facilities.

Create atmosphere

This can start with the design of the invitations and finish with a show bag for each guest – after all, everyone loves a freebie. Everything associated with your event contributes to the ambience and your guests’ experience. Take the time to consider all the details, from seating and decorations (including signage), to speakers or presenters, and even music or entertainment, if applicable.

Be realistic about your budget

If you can’t afford to deliver the event you have in mind, then consider waiting until you do. Remember, people have lots of options when it comes to attending events – if you don’t get it right, it’s likely they won’t accept next time.

If you are interested in hosting a Law Week event, contact our events team, on (03) 9604 8100 or email.

This page was last updated on December 17, 2015