Everyday-Law is calling for new resources...

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If your organisation has produced new legal resources for the community, we would love to know about them for our award-winning website, Everyday-Law. They could be new websites, HTML pages, PDFs, videos or apps.

We publish Everyday-Law to make it easier for Victorians to find quality online legal information. Everyday-Law does this by linking to a wide range of resources produced across the sector on common legal topics.

Our editorial team keeps the content on Everyday-Law up-to-date and relevant by adding new resources as they are published. Once up on the site, the content is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains accurate.

Each resource is provided with a short written summary and a link. And, if your resource meets our plain language and VLAF online legal information guidelines, it could also be chosen as a ‘Recommended resource’ in the ‘Have a legal question?’ section of the site.

There’s a simple way of making your resources easy for the community to find – have them included on Everyday-Law.

To let us know about your resources, email the Everyday-Law editorial team at contact@everyday-law.org.au or speak to our Legal Writer and Editor, Stephen James, on (03) 9604 8100.

This page was last updated on May 31, 2016