Law Week 2014 and launched

The law just got a whole lot simpler with the launch of Law Week and tonight at the County Court. Both are designed to break down barriers and deliver information in a simple way.

'Law Week is about helping Victorians find out more about the law and their legal rights, and complementing this is the newly created website,' said Joh Kirby, Executive Director at Victoria Law Foundation.

'We’re really proud to be able to launch two events that make the law less intimidating and opens a conversation for the community', said Ms Kirby.

Officially launching on Wednesday 7 May at Waldron Hall, County Court, Law Week presents a seven-day program of events that range from court tours, to mock trials, to discussions. This year an artistic flavour has been added to launch proceedings, with performances from both the Melbourne Law Orchestra and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival act The Law Review.


  • Speed date a lawyer: 15 minutes with a lawyer for free legal advice.
  • Courts Open Day: mingle with magistrates, take a guided tour, attend mock hearings.
  • Catastrophic collapse: a look back at the collapse of the West Gate Bridge.
  • Pentridge prison ghost tours: visit the other side and get spooked along the way.
  • Why prison? Why not: discussing sentencing, prison, juries and parole.

To find out what’s on go to:, launching on the same day, brings the community an easy-to-navigate website. Ask a legal question, get legal help, read about the legal system or just have a look at what news and events are happening. This is the place to go when you just need your legal query answered quickly or want to know where to start.

'If you have any kind of legal question, here’s a site where you can quickly get answers. We wanted to create a "go to" destination for anyone who needed information and believe we have achieved that with', Ms Kirby said.

Law Week runs from 12–18 May and is a national initiative. is the culmination of 12 months hard work by the Victoria Law Foundation, and officially launches on 7 May.

Victoria Law Foundation is proud to launch Law Week and, and welcomes enquiries regarding interviews with key participants and spokespeople.

Media enquiries
Bronwen Fallens, Publicist, Victoria Law Foundation
Phone: (03) 9604 8155
Mobile: 0413 221 252
Twitter:@VicLawFoundn and @everydaylawvic

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