Our new website has landed

Today the foundation launched its new corporate website. The launch signals the end of an eighteen-month project to change the focus of the way the foundation communicates with its stakeholders and the community. The first stage of the project was the development and launch of our community website Everyday-Law in Law Week 2014. This new site is the second, and final, stage.

While our old website looked good, we thought that we could do it better. The first step was a complete restructure that revolved around grouping information to reflect the way you look for it rather than than by the programs that we deliver. With things easier to find, we could expand the content. Expanding our content has seen the development of two searchable databases of plain language material under our new Better information section and also a completely revised and restructured Teacher resources section.

We have also made things more interesting, with feature articles to highlight news and things that might help you improve the way you communicate the law to the community or how you apply for a grant. We hope you like it.

To help you get to know the site, we have listed some highlights below.

New 'Better information' section

The foundation is passionate about making the law easier to understand for the public. We think that better communication is a large part of this. As a result, we have developed our new Better information section. Here we have listed all our workshops and training and included our searchable database of plain language resources. This includes essential reference tools, the type of things that everyone should have on their desk as well as a range of excellent books and research. We have also provided direct access to Everyday-Law with a searchable box. So the next time you want to find out what easy-to-understand legal information is available search here.

New 'Teacher resources' section et al.

The foundation does a lot of work with students through our Law Talks programs but we also know how important it is to provide support to teachers. Our new Teacher resources section does just that by bringing together in one place a range of great teacher resources produced by government and the legal sector. Teachers (and some keen students) can search for resources in the database by keyword, unit and areas of study.

And, of course, we have included all you need to know about our grants, programs for schools, events and news.

An easier way to submit your grant applications

Another new feature is that we have changed the way you submit grant applications. In the past grant applications have been accepted by email or post. What we found is that on the odd occasion applications could go missing or be delayed. To solve this, we have built a new section that allows you to submit your application in PDF form through the website. From 20 October 2014, applications will only be accepted through the website.

And, finally...

The site has been developed in line with best practice guidelines, including, where applicable, the VLAF Online Legal Information Guidelines. We are working on developing HTML and Word versions of material that is currently provided as PDFs, and will continue to develop the site and expand the content.

At the foundation we aim high – but we are not perfect. So if you see a problem with anything on the site, or think it could be done better, please let us know.

This page was last updated on October 17, 2014