Speed date a lawyer

Ever thought of changing your dating tactics to get some free legal advice? Well now is your chance to make that a reality with a free, informative 15-minute date with a lawyer.

'Sometimes all people want is one question answered quickly. That’s why we thought Speed Date a Lawyer would be a fun and interesting event to get legal questions answered quickly,' said Joh Kirby, Executive Director at Victoria Law Foundation.

People may be asking themselves:
• What do you do if the drummer from Metallica moves in upstairs?
• The designer jacket you bought on eBay turns out to be fake – can you get your money back?
• You’re being bullied in your new place of work – can you take action to stop it?
• You’re a single mum, have been issued an eviction notice and have nowhere to move – do you have to leave and become homeless?
• Your ex-boyfriend left you in debt – can you do anything?

Get questions like these answered, and more, including topics relating to homelessness, bullying, buying and selling, seniors and discrimination.

This event features as a part of this year’s Law Week. Running from 12–18 May, Law Week lifts the veil on the legal system, with a festival of events, debates, information and entertainment.

'Law Week is about the community and getting them involved in a fun and informative way, while also learning more about their rights. It’s also a great chance to step into the court to see how it all works without the stress that usually involves this kind of visit', Ms Kirby said.

These speed date sessions seem to be just what the (love) doctor ordered. Sessions are free and held from 12–2 pm and 5–7 pm at the Law Institute of Victoria.

To find out what’s on, go to: www.lawweek.net.au.

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This page was last updated on May 26, 2017