Our events

Our events get everyone talking about the law and the legal system in Victoria, and we want you to get involved.

Each year Victoria Law Foundation brings the community and legal sector together for a series of special events to celebrate the law and legal system.

Our events are designed to entice and interest Victorians and engage them in the law.

They showcase the very best of the legal sector, its breadth and diversity, and the important contribution it makes to the community.

This year's orator is President of the Court of Appeal, the Honourable Justice Maxwell, presenting on 'Equity and good conscience: the judge as moral arbiter and the regulation of modern commerce.'
Catch up on the discussion from this year's The Law and You Forum
Missed this year's Oration? You can now watch the video online.
His Honour Judge Ian Gray, State Coroner, Coroners Court of Victoria
The courts need to lead the way in educating the public about the law and Law Week plays an integral role in providing greater access and exposure.
State Coroner, Coroners Court of Victoria
His Honour Judge Ian Gray
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