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Professor Nigel Balmer , Research Director

Nigel joined the VLF in December 2018 as its inaugural Research Director. He has been conducting empirical research for over twenty years and is expert in the application of social science and modern quantitative methods to explore how the public understand and interact with the law.

Nigel’s research includes work on the role of law in everyday life; attitudes to justice; public experience of and response to legal issues; the interaction between legal and health problems; and design of legal services and legal aid. He is best known for his work on legal need surveys around the world, including recent guidance supporting global access to justice initiatives under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Nigel is also Professor of Law and Social Statistics at University College London.

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Tenielle Hagland, Research Coordinator

Tenielle joined the Foundation in 2015 and has a strong background in the community legal world. She has co-ordinated our work with the profession on improving communication through our plain language and Better Information programs as well as providing plain language workshops to law students.

As Research Coordinator, she will work across all research activity, and will have a lead role in the development of the Research Network.

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