Podcast - DIY usability testing

Gerry Gaffney

If you're designing a website or an app for the community, usability testing is something you should do.

It's all about ensuring that your end product is designed appropriately for your audience.

Gerry Gaffney is a leading user experience and usability consultant in Melbourne. His company, Information & Design, works with clients such as the Courts and Tribunal Services NSW, banks, telcos and government agencies.

In this podcast he talks to our Deputy Director, Manager Online Strategy and Publishing, Elisa Berg, about what usability testing is, and how your organisation can do it yourselves simply and cost-effectively.

Gerry Gaffney’s top 5 tips for DIY testing

1. Don't be afraid to get started.

2. Use 'real' users, not your colleagues or friends (except to practise on).

3. Test the tasks that are most important to your audience.

4. Test early and test often, rather than taking a 'big bang' approach of testing all at once.

5. Involve stakeholders, so they can see for themselves the value of testing and the need to make changes.

Further resources

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This page was last updated on May 26, 2017