Before riding - what you need

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Make sure you have working brakes, a bell and lights

What equipment do I need?

Before you ride your bike you must have certain equipment. Having this equipment will help keep you safe.

Working brakes, a bell and lights

All bikes must have at least one working brake and a bell, horn or something similar.

If you ride at night or in bad weather, you must have attached to your bike:

  • a white light on the front visible from 200 metres
  • a red light on the back visible from 200 metres, and
  • a red reflector on the back visible from 50 metres.

Wearing the right helmet

When you are riding a bike you and any passengers must wear a properly fitting and fastened helmet unless you are riding on private property.

Your helmet must meet Australian safety standard AS/NZS2063.

In exceptional circumstances, VicRoads can authorise you to ride without a helmet for medical or religious reasons. Visit the VicRoads website for exemptions from wearing a bicycle helmet.

Do I need insurance?

You are not legally required to get insurance, but it is a good idea. Insurance can cover you for some of the cost of:

  • injuries you’ve got while riding – known as ‘personal injury insurance’
  • injuries to someone or damage to their property that you’ve caused – known as ‘third party insurance’
  • damage to your bike
  • theft of your bike.

Some cycling organisations such as Bicycle Network and Cycling Victoria provide insurance as part of your membership.

You can also get insurance directly through an insurance company. Some companies offer stand-alone bike insurance cover, while others cover your bike as part of home contents insurance.

Remember that your insurance may not apply if you were acting illegally or riding unsafely.

Get information on crashes and making an insurance claim on our Bike crashes and insurance page.

Here are some organisations that assist bike riders with road rules, bike safety and insurance.
This page was last updated on December 13, 2015