Working at the Foundation

Wonder what it is like to work at the Foundation? Find out more.

When you work at Victoria Law Foundation – high above Melbourne’s iconic Hardware Lane and Little Bourke Street – the mouth-watering aromas that occasionally drift up from the restaurants below are certainly part of the experience. But the work – and its impact on the lives of Victorians – is the reason we’re all here.

The Foundation plays a unique role in Victoria’s legal sector. We don’t tend to deal with the public directly but we work to strengthen the connection between Victorians and the legal system by making legal information clear, relevant, up-to-date and readily available.

To do that well we need a team of people with a lot of different skills. We’re not all lawyers. Our strength lies in the diversity of our backgrounds.

If you work at the Foundation, you could be working alongside a person with a background in publishing, communications, grant-making, academia, education, the arts, law, or media.

We have a dynamic and committed staff of full-time, part-time and casual employees as well as legal interns. We have a great team and great support.

This page was last updated on August 15, 2018