The Law and You Forum

A panel of experts discuss hot-topic legal issues.

A panel of experts discuss hot-topic legal issues.

The Law and You Forum is a free, public event exploring different areas of the law that affect Victorians. Each year, we bring together a diverse panel of experts discuss hot-topic legal issues, moderated by our Executive Director.

First hosted in 2017, past topics have included sport and the law, and voluntary assisted dying.

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A lively panel discussion on AI: it’s impact on everyday legal issues, how it’s changing the practice of law, and what kinds of guardrails we might need.


In 2022, legislation to establish an Indigenous Treaty Authority was passed in Victoria. But what is the impact of the structures behind the treaty process, and the path to broader national reconciliation?


Kids in grade 5 can be charged, convicted and sentenced with crimes under Victorian law.


What are your human rights? Where do they come from? And what happens when they are constrained?


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