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We're a not-for-profit organisation striving to improve the justice system for all Victorians.


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Understand better justice

Data and empirical evidence to help understand access to justice and build a better justice system.

Recent reports

Explore the knowledge, skills and attributes that are required to effectively understand and use the law.

This first volume updates the broad picture of access to justice and legal need, explores how justiciable problems are experienced, what people do about them, and how they progress and conclude.

Featured project

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The PULS is a Victoria-wide survey to understand how people see, understand and engage with the law.

Learn about the law

Events, information and resources to help understand Victoria's legal system and where the law can help.

Featured event

Victorian Law Week makes learning about the law easy.

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Recent learning resources

Featured learning topic

The law is often complex. Explaining the law in plain language can be challenging.

Develop your legal initiative or project

Financial support and advice for legal and community organisations to develop projects that understand and respond to community legal need.

Current grants

Help the community to navigate civil legal issues and the Victorian justice system.

Deliver small projects to support community legal need and improve understanding of the justice system.

Featured funded projects

Exploring if COVID-19 fines were disproportionately issued to culturally and linguistically diverse communities during 2020.

Understanding the relationship between how women’s agency, the extent to which they can tell their own story, is portrayed in Family Violence Intervention Order applications and the outcomes of those applications.

PULS Volume 2: Understanding and Capability is now available

Explore the knowledge, skills and attributes that are required to effectively understand and use the law.