Major Grant

Funding for projects that help to better understand and support the legal needs and capabilities of Victorians.

Close 5pm, 02 September 2024
Funding for projects that help to better understand and support the legal needs and capabilities of Victorians.

Building capability to understand and respond to legal need

Major Grants support civil legal projects that help legal organisations better understand and support the legal needs and capabilities of Victorians.

Major Grants are new in 2024-25 replacing elements of our previous Knowledge Grants and Community Legal Grants. Everyday Legal Grants are also available for projects that deliver civil legal information and education.

Major Grants can be used to fund civil legal projects that:

  • develop a new understanding through the collection and use of data
  • strengthen the systems and capabilities of the Victorian justice sector to collect, understand and use data
  • develop new approaches to help the community understand their legal issues and access the help they need.

Eligible organisations

Applications are open to:

  • community legal organisations
  • community organisations with an internal legal service
  • community organisations in partnership with a legal service.

Project types

Projects likely to be funded involve:

  • Researching a civil legal problem or issue to better understand how to effectively respond.
  • Developing systems and staff capabilities to collect, understand and use data to improve services or programs
  • Developing new pathways to improve access to legal services or programs.
  • Trialling approaches to support people to better navigate the justice system.

Grant criteria

  • Evidence of the need - the legal issue or research topic responds to legal need and/or is timely and likely to be of broad interest in the sector.
  • The project addresses needs of clients and/or community groups experiencing disadvantage in access justice.
  • Project design/methodology is appropriate for audience or approach.
  • Sustainable project outcomes.
  • A process for sharing the project findings, processes and/or outcomes more broadly with the sector.
  • A commitment to evaluate and learn from the project to improve organisational practice and help identify effective approaches.
  • Organisational capacity to undertake the project.
  • Partnerships and collaborations to improve reach and impact or facilitate knowledge transfer.

Ethical standards

It is a requirement that any Major Grant research project complies with best practice guidelines, codes and legislation relating to ethical research.

We have provided guidance, information and templates. More information is available in our developing your proposal resource.

Application Timeline

Applications for 2024-25 Major Grants are open from 1 July 2024 to 5pm, 02 September 2024.


We prioritise submissions from community legal organisations and other not-for-profit community organisations in partnership with a legal organisation.  

Community organisations are required to partner with a legal organisation with suitable expertise to ensure accurate legal information is provided to the intended audience.

We encourage partnerships between research organisations, courts, tribunals, statutory bodies and other community organisations to share knowledge, resources, provide guidance and expertise where there is shared interest.

We only fund organisations – individuals are not able to apply.

We focus on civil law and access to justice issues. We will consider work at the intersection of civil and criminal law, but we do not fund work exclusively on criminal law.

Preparing your application

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Case studies

Learn more about some of the projects funded by our grants.

Following the shift to routine digital engagement when applying to the court for family violence intervention orders, this partnership project between Northern Community Legal Centre and the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights will unpack the range of process issues and barriers to participation faced by culturally and linguistically diverse women within Melbourne’s North-West.

Delivery of community legal education to help culturally and linguistically diverse young people increase their literacy on family violence issues and shift attitudes that allow it to occur.

Projects we've funded

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Consumer Action Law Centre

Community consultation to ensure resources reflect language, terminology and content that meet the needs of First Nations people.

First Nations
Consumer law
3CR Community Radio

The project will produce and distribute a series of engaging and informative legal rights messages for a general community broadcasting audience. The short announcements will address issues such as protest rights, renter rights, fines, consumer law and family violence. The content will be tailored to a community radio listening audience.

Consumer law
Family violence
Job Watch

Develop a ‘Discrimination Claims Self-Representation Kit’ to guide people through the process of running their own legal discrimination claim.

Better Place Australia

Legal Forum and Training for frontline workers to better understand jurisdiction complexity and legal assistance pathways for clients with complex and compounding issues.

Family violence
First Nations
Legal profession
Monash Law Clinics

This project will build an understanding of the complexities of family dynamics, care arrangements, and family violence. This work aims to build a foundational knowledge base for caregivers, care recipients and multidisciplinary service providers to inform monitoring procedures, preventive interventions, and safety planning.

Family violence
Families and relationships
Tenants Victoria

This project will enable Tenants Victoria to develop an informed understanding of the legal needs of single-parent renters and identify factors to enhance the impact of its legal assistance service model with this cohort.

South-East Monash Legal Service

Reproductive coercion and abuse (RCA) is emerging as a critical and under-researched form of family/intimate partner violence. South-East Monash Legal Service seek to better understand RCA in the legal context, and identify effective strategies and interventions to ensure that the legal assistance sector is able to effectively support disclosures of RCA.

Family violence
Legal assistance

Westjustice will conduct research into their legal capability to understand their legal needs and adapt legal services to improve access to the service.

Refugees and migrants
Cultural and linguistic diversity
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