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From 1 July the Victoria Law Foundation 2023/24 Grant Program will be available.

Monday, July 3, 2023

We have a total grant pool of $300,000 divided between our three grant programs – Knowledge Grants, Community Legal Grants and Everyday Legal Grants. We aim to fund around 4-5 projects within each round.

We have made some changes to our grant program this year to ensure it better meets the needs of the sector and continues to deliver real impact.

We have shifted the time of year we open Community Legal Grants to provide additional time for planning and development of applications.

Following a review of our Small Grants program, we have renamed the round Everyday Legal Grants to better describe the types of projects we fund.

Please see the overview below so you can start planning.

Remember to visit our Grants page at any time for more information about our grants, application timelines and how to apply.

Knowledge Grants

Support for community legal organisations to improve data capability and research skills.

We fund community legal organisations to undertake a research project that:

  • develops a new understanding of the legal needs of Victorians through collection of data and information
  • improves capability to collect, analyse and use data and information about target cohorts
  • shares information with other organisations or agencies which results in a better understanding of the target group and ways to effectively address needs.

Grant amount: Up to $50,000

Open: 1 July 2023

Close: 28 August 2023

Learn more about Knowledge Grants

Community Legal Grants

Support for projects to help people navigate civil legal issues and the Victorian justice system.

We fund community legal and not-for-profit organisations for one-off projects that address a legal issue for a specific community, such as:

  • development of a resource, tool, or series of workshops
  • pilot projects offering new approaches to accessing legal information
  • projects trialling a strategy to gain further insights.

Note the change in the Community Legal Grant application timeline

Grant amount: up to $20,000

Open: 1 March 2024

Close: 29 April 2024

Learn more about Community Legal Grants

Everyday Legal Grants

Support for projects that meet community needs and improve understanding of the justice system.

We fund community legal organisations and not-for-profit community organisations for one-off or pilot projects that:

  • address civil legal issues for a specific community, such as a resource or tool
  • offer new approaches to delivering civil legal information
  • help people navigate the Victorian justice system.

We have renamed our Small Grants to better describe the types of projects we fund. Eligibility and criteria remain the same.

Grant amount: up to $5,000

Open: 1 July 2023

Close: 30 June 2023

Learn more about Everyday Legal Grants

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