Better information

Victoria Law Foundation wants legal information to be easy to find, understand and use.

We use the principles of plain language to ensure the language, structure, design and delivery of the legal information we produce meets the needs of our audiences. And we can help your organisation do the same. To this end we have developed this 'Better information' section of our website.

We can help you find great plain language resources for your client and training to help you to understand the key principles of plain language and workshops on the benefits of producing legal information that can be understood the first time, every time. Please note: Due to the popularity of these workshops priority will be given to people involved in the production of community legal information and foundation grant recipients.

This Better Information Workshop will focus on the key principles of good community legal education. In a quickly changing communication landscape these principals underpin producing work across different formats – print, online, video.
We recently reviewed 1500 community legal information resources available to Victorians. Here are some of our findings:
The foundation specialises in plain language legal publications for the Victorian community and schools. Each publication is developed in consultation with legal experts and end users to make sure they are accurate and effective.
Victoria Law Foundation publications
John Silvester, Crime and Law Editor, The Age
By providing valuable educational resources, Victoria Law Foundation continues to play an important role in breaking down the barriers between the media and legal sector.
Crime and Law Editor, The Age
John Silvester
This page was last updated on June 05, 2018