Enhancing Engagement

Free webinars to learn skills to produce more accessible legal information.

A new name reflecting what counts

Previously known as 'Better Information webinars', Enhancing Engagement webinars aim to equip you with the skills to produce more accessible legal information, which empowers more people to understand and engage with the law, resulting in better justice for all.

Help people to understand and engage with the law.

Whether you're a lawyer, a community worker or a communications professional, it's important that the information you produce is clear, easy to understand and accessible. 

Creating engaging and accessible information gives more people the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the law, which leads to better justice.

Our Enhancing Engagement webinars connect you to peers and experts equipping you with the skills you need to produce interesting and engaging information. 

Previous sessions have focused on web design, podcasting, social media and design thinking.

Who can attend?

Our Enhancing Engagement webinars are targeted to people working with or connected to community legal, legal assistance, not-for profit and community organisations.

Upcoming events

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Past events

Catch up on recording and resources from previous events.

A workshop of exercises and activities to help develop an engagement strategy.


Tips and useful strategies around grassroots approaches to promoting events and engaging local audiences.


Learn how to determine if an identified cohort may benefit from storytelling through theatre, how to best approach it, and the benefits and challenges involved.


How can you use creative and interactive methods to deliver effective community legal education? What are the benefits and challenges of using playful activities to communicate complex legal information?


Better justice through research, education and grants

We are committed to raising awareness of our law, and to provide evidence and insight to improve justice for all Victorians.