2022/23 grants to fund projects that support a better justice system

From 1 July the Victoria Law Foundation 2022/23 grant program will be available.

Friday, July 1, 2022

We have a total grant pool of $300,000 divided between our three grant programs. We aim to fund around 4-5 projects within each grant program.

Below is an overview of our Knowledge Grant, Community Legal Grant and Small Grant programs so you can start planning.

Visit our Grants page to learn about the grants, application timelines and how to apply.

Looking for inspiration

Through our grants program, we have funded community and not-for-profit organisations so that they can better respond to community legal need.

Explore some of the projects we've funded.

Got an idea for a grant project?

Contact me to find which grant is right for your project, check your project proposal meets our selection criteria and give your application the best chance of success.

Contact the Grants Manager

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We support better justice through research, education and grants.

Victoria Law Foundation is committed to making a significant contribution to raising awareness of our law, and to provide evidence and insight to improve justice for all Victorians.