PULS out of lockdown and new reports about to land

We are finally out of lockdown (hooray!) and really looking forward to our Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) fieldwork beginning early in 2022.

Friday, November 12, 2021

We are finally out of lockdown (hooray!) and really looking forward to our Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) fieldwork beginning early in 2022.

In the meantime, there is lots of research going on, some new reports about to land, and a great research network meeting later in the month.

Civil law needs of older people: Register for upcoming Network event

Registrations are open for our upcoming Research Network event on 23 November 2021.

Many of you will have noticed that a new set of VLF Knowledge Grants have been awarded, including some exciting projects from First Step Legal, Inner Melbourne Community Legal, WEstjustice and Eastern Community Legal Centre.

The forthcoming research network event showcases a fascinating grant from the last round, which really embodies the spirit of the Knowledge Grant program. Barwon Community Legal Service (BCLS) and Deakin University’s Criminology will share preliminary findings from their collaboration, an innovative exploration of the civil law needs of older people in the Barwon region. Register now.

Second report in Data Mapping Project due to land

Led by Dr Hugh McDonald, the second part of the Data Mapping Project, focusing on use and utility of administrative data by Victorian courts and tribunals, is being finalised. It’s a blockbuster, and will highlight how critical it is to see people in data to make user-focused policy. We will be publishing the report very soon – watch this space.

The sequel, Data Mapping 3, rounds out our Data Mapping Project by exploring data collected and used by alternative dispute resolution bodies. It is being led by Dr Jozica Kutin and is well underway.

Victorian Community Legal Centres Workforce survey

Dr Jozica Kutin is putting the finishing touches to the first two papers from our survey of the Victorian Community Legal Centres Workforce, funded by the Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria. The first report is a technical report – a detailed description of the methodology and survey. The second report presents the unique characteristics of the community legal sector workforce.

Additional reports are in preparation – the impact of COVID-19 on Victorian community legal centres, and the extent to which legal education is preparation for community lawyering. Findings from the latter will be presented by Jozica at the upcoming LSAANZ conference (29 November-10 December 2021), alongside Dr Genevieve Grant of Monash and Louisa Gibbs, CEO of the Federation.

Our Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS)

PULS fieldwork will finally begin in early 2022. We are excited and assume you are too! For now, you can whet your appetite with all things PULS.

Professor Nigel J. Balmer

Research Director

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