Watch now: Self-represented litigants: challenges and solutions for a wicked problem

Thanks to all who attended this Research Network webinar, which explored self-represented litigants.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Many thanks to our presenters for sharing. Dr Jessica Mant, Bridget McAloon, and Dr Hugh McDonald.

Jessica's research on self-representation is due to be published in her forthcoming book. While primarily focused on the UK context, this book will be of interest to practitioners in Australia and other common law countries as it draws together decades of research into self-representation across multiple jurisdictions. It provides fresh insight into how the challenges people face as self-represented litigants are inextricably linked with pressures within the legal system, and considers the possibilities for a stronger relationship between self-represented litigants and systems they rely upon.

If you missed this webinar, or would like to revisit any of the content, a full recording is now available.

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